Using Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to Understand Human Development | Children's Hospital Zurich

Opening up a Worldwide Unique Data Set With the Help of ICR

As part of the Zurich Longitudinal Studies, the University Children's Hospital Zurich studied the physical, motor, cognitive and social development of more than 1'000 children since the 1950s.

In this pilot project, the feasibility of digital data extraction from hand-filled questionnaires was tested, and the expected effort was hypothesized. 

Learn how a specifically created ICR helped to structure data from 5'000 questionnaires with handwritten numbers. 

Definition of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

Intelligent character recognition (ICR) is a computer-based interpretation of handwritten or printed characters to be transcribed into a standardized format that can be recognized and understood by a computer.

Profile of This ICR Case Study

  • Client: University Children's Hospital Zurich
  • Order: Pilot project for the digitization and extraction of longitudinal studies
  • Scope: 5'000 questionnaires on body measurements & socio-demographic data
  • Services: ICR & Data extraction


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