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Intelligent Document Processing (open subtitles)


BenefitsSave up to 90% time processing data

Benefits Reduce digital errors down to 0

Benefits The more data you show Acodis, the better it will perform


Benefits Solution_DocumentsProcess any document/data (PDFs, emails, insurance policies, etc.) in any language

Benefits Solution_ROITypically customers achieve an ROI within 1 year

Benefits Solution_No CodingFriendly interface requiring no coding (even your Auntie can use it)

Use Case

Roche_LogoRoche Diagnostics is processing over 8'000 documents and saves 3 FTEs per year.


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Over 40+ customers across 6 countries use Acodis to process data from more than 1.3 million documents

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Automate Your Data Entry 3 Simple Steps

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Upload your documents/data to the system and process them in seconds. Enable easier search capabilities.

(Non GIF Version) Automate


Build and combine data processing workflows with a few clicks - no coding. Get rapid, accurate results, all while maintaining a coherent, simple, data landscape.

(JPEG Version) Scale


Automate at scale by sharing structured data within your organisation and make faster business decisions. Remain in full control of how, and where, your data is handled.

Built From Switzerland. Built For Everyone.

Reviews from g2-crowd-logo

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The tool enabled us to digitise our paper-based contracts or picture scans of them to OCR-pdfs and extract approximately 80 data points, structure those, and make all information easily findable and accessible due to a UX-friendly GUI. Benefits: Time savings in the height of 3 FTE p.a.

Johannes, W
Head of Sales, Roche
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Acodis' ML technology enabled us to surprisingly accurately extract elements of complex insurance policies. This will enable us to increase the quality of our customers' coverage and enhance the efficiency of our internal processes in the future.

Max, K
Lead Funk, RiskLab
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We are seeing much faster processing of documents from using Acodis's data extraction. In comparison to other tools we've considered, they are better at handling variations in layouts and the tool is easier to use. This all comes packed with very good support that works quickly to resolve any issues. 

Anton, O
Process Automation Manager at Wärtsilä
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Thanks to the software, we were able to extract thousands of data entries from multi-page and multi-column documents within a few minutes. A manual approach would have taken us at least two working days. On top of the software, you also get a Swiss quality service - very recommendable.

Raphael, T
CEO of Eduwo

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