Health & Pharmaceutical Data Extraction

Ensure Compliance With Regulatory Obligations

Strengthen compliance posture, and prevent risk of compliance violations for all of your documents

Use AI data extraction to stay on top of continuously-changing regulatory requirements, and proactively manage compliance risks, policies, cases, and controls assessments.


About 80% of Data is Unstructured

Most information today is unstructured and stored in digital documents, e.g., certificates of analysis (COA), batch records, etc.

Research shows that this amounts to about 80% of the data, and is not machine-readable nor ready for automation. This boils down to your team manually ensuring, and checking for updates, with regulatory compliance.

#1 Issue with Automation

Your team already uses process automation to help with manual tasks, such as insurance pre-authorisations. But there’s still manual work to be done, inputting data, e.g., complex calculations and scientific simulations, from documents.

This is costly and time-consuming work that’s prone to errors.

How Acodis Works in 59 Seconds

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Industry Challenges

Disadvantages of manually processing PDFs and hand-written documents.

  • Data locked within multiple document layouts and sources
  • Difficult enforcing disciplinary standards and guidelines 
  • Prolonged internal monitoring and audits of data
  • Longer to respond to detected offenses and implement corrective solutions



Document Processing

Automated Solution

Automate data extraction from any complex document in seconds such as:

  • Regulations
  • Resolutions
  • Batch records
  • Lab reports
  • Safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Contracts
  • Artworks/Tables/Graphs/Images

Acodis provides the resources for you to accelerate how fast you can ensure up-to-date compliance for all of your documents.

Smart Data Field Type Detection

AI helps healthcare providers audit clinical red flags in vast amounts of multi-page documents. Acodis does this by automatically suggesting data field types based on the information in your documents (in any language).

Assisted Labelling

Boost your ability to monitor safety profiles and ensure compliance with regulatory obligations by automating data searches. Acodis reads documents like a human, then accurately suggests label locations. Once approved by a human, the process is automatic. 

Built-in Categorisation

Acodis recognises document categories from just a few documents, and trains its own AI, as if by magic. This fast-tracks the way you can analyse bulk studies, client reports, etc. in a secure, controlled, way.

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Benefits for Pharma and Health


Process Any Document/PDF

Extract data from multiple sources, optimise resource utilisation, and reduce waste by using predictive technology.


Ensure Data Compliance

Handwritten documents, notes and manual processes are not GxP compliant - Acodis solves this.

Acodis prides itself on data accuracy, reliability, scalability, and security.


Rapid Data Access and Analytics

Build custom workflows and have rapid access to your data and the ability to analyze it faster.

Accelerate discovery and development, speed up decision making and gain competitive advantage.


Certifications & Data Privacy 

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