2023 Pharma IDP Report

Learn how industry leaders in Pharma are fueling new
AI initiatives and increasing process efficiency
with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

Questions answered: 

What is IDP, and how is it different from OCR?

What data quality challenges is Pharma solving?

What impact is IDP having on time-to-market?

What impact is IDP having on document-related processes?

Who is pioneering IDP technology?

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Acodis’ AI capabilities make the platform smarter with every scan. This is a big plus.”

Source: Reviews on G2.com

Thomas H.

“Very powerful product packed with many useful features. Built for both experts and non-technical users, backed by a class A support team.”

Source: Reviews on G2.com

Ricardo S.

"OCR, Data-Extraction & AI - perfectly done on business documents like contracts"

Source: Reviews on G2.com

Johannes W.


What is IDP?

Industry Presence

Data Quality Challenges

OCR versus IDP

IDP Benefits for Pharma

Impact on Go-to-Market Process

How to Get Started


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Certifications & Data Privacy

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