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Accelerate business efficiency, GxP compliance, and time to market

Automate data extraction from any pharmaceutical document within seconds, and focus on what really
matters - getting drugs to market faster and improving patient health.

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How Acodis Works in 59 Seconds

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Industry Challenges

Disadvantages of manually processing PDFs and hand-written documents.

  • Data locked within multiple document layouts and sources
  • Limited accessibility
  • GxP compliance
  • Time-consuming
  • Error-prone
  • Long go-to-Market process



Document Processing

Automated Solution

Automate data extraction from any complex document in seconds such as:

  • Batch records
  • Lab reports
  • Safety data sheets
  • Drug leaflets
  • Contracts
  • Artworks/Tables/Graphs/Images

Acodis extracts and understands handwritten text, and pictograms as a human does.

Smart Data Field Type Detection

Acodis automatically suggests data field types based on the information in your documents (e.g. dates, numbers, text, etc.) saving you even more time.

Assisted Labelling

Manually labelling hundreds of documents word for word? Acodis reads documents like a human, then suggests label locations. Once approved by a human, the process is automatic.

Built-in Categorisation

Skip the hassle of constantly training AI. Acodis recognises categories from just a few documents, and trains its own AI, as if by magic.

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Automatically categorise documents
Smart-label data points (tables, titles, etc.)
Review structured data
Create workflows for different user-types
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Benefits for Pharma and Health


Process Any Document/PDF

Extract data from multiple sources, optimise resource utilisation, and reduce waste by using predictive technology.

Ensure Data Compliance

Handwritten documents, notes and manual processes are not GxP compliant - Acodis solves this.

Acodis prides itself on data accuracy, reliability, scalability, and security.


Rapid Data Access and Analytics

Build custom workflows and have rapid access to your data and the ability to analyze it faster.

Accelerate discovery and development, speed up decision making and gain competitive advantage.

Our Clients Love Acodis

"OCR, Data extraction, and AI that is perfectly done on business documents like contracts. We love that it is fast, flexible, and precise."

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