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Accelerate Your Data Extraction

Batch Records are one of the most important types of documents in the pharma and health manufacturing industry. To accelerate discovery and development, speed up decision making and gain competitive advantage, you need to have quick access to the valuable information trapped in paper.

Any Data Point from Any Batch Record

Acodis can extract any type of data from any Batch Record format within seconds.

Batch Records Sample-1

Product Name/Batch Identification

  • Dates of the manufacturing process
  • Batch volume and number


Composition/Information About The Batch

  • Health and safety guidelines
  • Yield amount
  • History of changes


Identification of Users

  • Names of people performing and verifying each stage
  • Completion dates

Smart Data Field Type Detection

Acodis automatically suggests data field types based on the information in your documents (e.g. Batch Record Info, Equipment Cleaning Record, Abbreviations, etc.) saving you even more time.

Assisted Labelling

Manually labelling hundreds of Batch Records word for word? Acodis reads Batch Records like a human, then suggests label locations. Once approved by a human, the process is automatic.

Built-in Categorisation

Skip the hassle of constantly training AI. Acodis recognises categories from just a few Batch Records formats, and trains its own AI, as if by magic.
Extracting Data From Batch Records
Your PDF Guide to Extracting Data From Batch Records

Download the PDF guide to see how you can transform your data extraction processes with AI.


Industry Challenges

Disadvantages of manually processing Batch Records

  • Time-consuming
  • Error-prone data collection
  • Relying on paper-based batch records leads to poor data integrity
  • Data locked within multiple document layouts and sources
  • Limited accessibility
  • Non-GxP compliant



Document Processing

Benefits of Acodis

Acodis is addressing the challenges and much more

  • Extract data from handwritten text, images and hazardous pictograms
  • Accurate, reliable, scalable, and secure
  • GxP compliant
  • Easily integrate Acodis with your core systems:
    • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning;
    • MRP - Material Requirements Planning;
    • MES - Manufacturing Execution System;
    • QMS - Quality Management System;
    • LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System.

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"OCR, Data-Extraction & AI - perfectly done on business documents like contracts"

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Certifications & Data Privacy

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