Data Extraction With Machine Learning

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In this Webinar, Sara Wick & Tobias Bertschinger give an intro to machine learning, talk about building an ML engine, discuss different use cases, and much more!

  • Short Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Difference between OCR and an ML-based solution
  • Machine Learning for Documents
  • Q&A


Sara Wick

Portrait_SW | acodis

I bridge the conversation between software engineers and business users to ensure that digital transformation is more than just a buzzword. I aim at getting the most use out of technology, however, common sense and usability should always have the last say.



Tobias Bertschinger


My goal is to ensure that our clients find the option that fits their needs the most so they can turn their documents into value. My consulting & finance background helps me understand the needs of our customers and look for solutions with our software engineers.



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